About Lofoten

A stunning array of violet coloured peaks with grassy flanks.

lofoten lights

A boom of jagged mountains stretching out into the sea, cloven by sluices - the Raftsundet, Gimsøystraumen, Nappstraumen, Sundstraumen and Moskstraumen straits.

Five ocean currents which, together with the ocean itself, form the basis for one of the great wonders of Nature, the annual spawning migration of the Norwegian-Arctic cod from the Barents Sea to Lofoten.

The Lofoten Fishery has meant everything to Lofoten and a great deal to Norway. The cod has generated inconceivable wealth, but also resulted in bankruptcy and ruin. The Lofoten Fishery has also given rise to superstition and the joy of storytelling. Nowhere else in Norway are the natural surroundings more interwoven with myth and legend; from the Giant of Raftsundet, via the legend of Vågakallen and Lekamøya to the Cormorants of Utrøst. Lofoten is a land of legend and fairy tale.

Even today, the Lofoten Fishery is of considerable importance, and every year about forty million tons of cod are caught, and for the most part dried and exported to Italy. But Lofoten is more than the Lofoten Fishery.

Come and enjoy the taste of Lofoten, breathe in the fresh sea air, and take time just to live your life.

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