About us

Lofoten Arctic Hotels are situated in Henningsvær, the world’s most famous fishing village.


We have two hotels here, the first one is idyllically situated at Skata, just by the bridge over to Henningsvær.

Here on the quayside your proximity to, and view of, the sea and surrounding countryside is so sublime that words fail, it simply has to be experienced. And it is in these very same surroundings you will have your breakfast in the mornings.

At our other hotel in the fishing village, we serve a variety of fish dishes made from the freshest of ingredients harvested from the waters of Lofoten, in addition to a range of other fare. This is a meeting place for people who want to be inspired by the most beautiful archipelago in the world. We are very proud of our islands, and we hope to have the opportunity of showing them to you.

Come and enjoy the taste of Lofoten, breathe in the fresh sea air, and take time just to live your life.