Activities and adventures
Things to do on your holiday in Lofoten

Lofoten is full of things to do and see while on holiday.

Lofoten is a spectacular sight. The tall jagged mountains, the green mountainsides, the chalk-white sandy beaches, the midnight sun, the northern lights, the ocean, the fishing villages and the fishing.

You will find all kinds of activities here for young and old. There is a whole new world to explore, so do not hesitate to contact us – we will help you plan your trip and make your stay in Lofoten a memory for life.

Hiking, angling, birdwatching, fishing trips, mountain walks, whale safaris, kayaking, climbing, rafting, abseiling, galleries, the caviar factory, visits to an authentic cod-liver oil factory and fish quay.

Lofoten is first-rate coastal countryside, where activities are easily accessible all year round.


Have you ever seen how cod-liver oil is made, or tasted real Norwegian caviar?
Try the fishing from the quayside right outside our hotel.
See what the fishing was like in Henningsvær and Lofoten in the old days.

Other activities

See the fantastic northern lights in Lofoten.
The all-embracing midnight sun, proximity to the ocean, the jagged Lofoten mountains and the ever changing arctic light provide you with more than just a round of golf.
Lofoten is a renowned mountaineers paradise and has become a MUST for most climbers.
Lofoten is, and will always be, an eldorado for those interested in fishing and nature.
Over time a large number of firms offering this type of concept have been established along the coast of Norway, but it was in fact in Lofoten that the first trips of this kind were arranged about 17 or 18 years ago.
In Lofoten there are a number of excellent illuminated ski trails which are very suitable for families.
A cycling holiday in Lofoten will provide unforgettable experiences. Sunshine or rain, storm or gales, there is something truly magnificent and different about this area.
Scuba divers can revel in up to 1.5 km of exhilarating drift diving in the Raftsundet strait, or free floating along 50-200 meter high rock walls.