Diving in Lofoten

Scuba divers can revel in up to 1.5 km of exhilarating drift diving in the Raftsundet strait, or free floating along 50-200 meter high rock walls.


War and other human activities have left many a wreck on the seabed, and warships, steamers and freighters can be found there.

Popular wrecks include the Mira, the Hadsel, the Nordstjerna, the Rio X, the Gallic Stream, the Stella Orion, the Hamburg and the Ramø.

OAreas with crevices and ravines, surrounded by seemingly endless forests of fluttering kelp reaching down to the chalk-white coral sand.

This is where the wolf fish lie in wait, and in Lofoten they are numerous.

Scuba diving in Lofoten is diving in kelp forests and caves, close contact with fish and crustaceans, and unique experiences caused by the interaction of water and light.

Many exciting diving adventures await you.

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