Rib Safari

Over time a large number of firms offering this type of concept have been established along the coast of Norway, but it was in fact in Lofoten that the first trips of this kind were arranged about 17 or 18 years ago.


VIt is our assertion that you have never experienced such an adventure until you have tried it in Lofoten’s breathtaking surroundings.

Organizers in Lofoten are very professional and some of them have over 10 years of experience in arranging RIB trips and adventures.

The professional organizers in Lofoten always adapt their trips to the current conditions and the needs of participants.

Should you desire a leisurely trip with focus on nature experiences, then the spectacular scenery and distinctive features of Lofoten will help guarantee you an experience you will find hard to forget.

Should you, on the other hand, be seeking a more speedy and invigorating trip among Lofoten’s isles and skerries, then you shall have just that. The landscape will give you a completely different sense of speed here than anywhere else. Perceiving the elements in a south-westerly breeze will make you feel your adrenaline flow.

You can also take part in snorkelling or scuba diving in crystal clear arctic waters from a RIB. Small-scale RIB expeditions are arranged with or without overnight stays.

Try a trip along the Lofoten mountain wall with an overnight stay in Værøy, or join us on a climb to the top of Norway’s national mountain, Stetind.

In the autumn you can take part in a killer whale safari, and if you want you can even snorkel with the whales.

PIn winter, during the Lofoten Fishery, trips out to the fishing grounds are arranged, to the spots where the professionals fish. Experience the Lofoten Fishery at close quarters.

And why not try an evening trip out to sea on a RIB in the autumn/winter darkness to see the starry skies or the northern lights, also a fantastic experience.

Sea safaris on a RIB in Lofoten are an experience all year round.

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