Sport fishing

Lofoten is, and will always be, an eldorado for those interested in fishing and nature.


Long, bright nights and endless seas to harvest from. These waters are among the world’s most abundant in fish, but for us anglers the best thing about them is probably their accessibility.

By boat, you are only a few minutes away from the fishing grounds, and may catch anything from cod, saithe, tusk, haddock, redfish, wolf fish, angler fish, herring or mackerel, to more unusual species like halibut.

In winter, of course, the Norwegian- Arctic cod come down here to spawn. This has been the year’s major event in Lofoten for centuries.

Large numbers of fishermen and lots of hustle and bustle at every little outpost along the entire length of the Lofoten mountain wall. This is a fantastic time to have a winter holiday in Lofoten.