Handtegning lofoten arctic hotel sentrum

Lofoten Arctic Hotel Knusarn

In Henningsvær town square you will find Lofoten Arctic Hotel (Knusarn), which was originally built in 1892. The building has been recently renovated and now emerges as a completely new hotel.

Where does the name “KNUSARN” come from?

DThere are a number of versions in circulation as to the origins of the name Knusarn. One of them was told to us a few years ago over a glass of beer at Knusarn itself. It goes as follows: A local mariner, whose name apparently was Albert «Pelly» Jørgensen, was active during the War, experiencing the bombing on a number of occasions..

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  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Total of 8 rom
  • All room have toilet and shower
  • Lcd TV on all rooms
  • Close to shopping street in Henningsvær
  • Cozy restaurant with outdoor seating
  • Free parking
  • Accommodates 80 people in our Restaurant



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